Clay Art Gallery

Clay works

Come and make  your own mug, monster or planter

 We do basic handbuilding workshops

All materials included


10 March 2022     3.30-5.30pm      Ceramic Painting           $15-$35

Ceramic painting

Come and paint your own mug, plate or critter

Price depending on item painted

Item will be glazed and returned in 2 weeks

All microwave and dishwasher safe














Originally designed to be feature pieces in mosaics and tiled areas, they are now widely used as wall hangings and garden art.  Each piece is crafted from clay and industry standard glaze that has been fired to over 1100 degrees centigrade, which makes them tough and durable and able to withstand the elements.

Each piece is hand crafted and hand painted right here in our studio, so small variations are part of their character, though we do keep closely to the designs shown on the website as much as possible.

Hand Crafted

All our Clay Art Ceramic pieces are individually hand crafted right here in our studio. So every piece is unique!

Perfect Garden Art

Clay Art Ceramics are ideal for outdoor use and can be hung on a wall, set into concrete or glued onto any suitable surface.

New Designs

We are now in the process of producing a whole new range of designs, so keep checking back.

Designed to Order

We also produce special designs to order. If you have an idea, drop us an email and we’ll work you out a design and a price.

Commercial Orders

For commercial use, we can produce special designs for your business type (eg a cup and saucer for a café) or your logo.