Clay Art Gallery

We have a variety of workshops at our studio. We do workshops in mosaic, pottery and ceramic painting on a regular basis.

We also do ceramic painting workshops and holiday craft programs.

All these workshops can also be private bookings for a group or friends or parties.



Weekend workshops are organised right through the year, mostly on Saturdays.( mosaics, ceramic painting and pottery)

We work on a project basis and we will take you through all the necessarytechniques to complete it.

Clay Work

We do workshops in basic pottery techniques like pinch pots , coil and slab building.

Ceramic Painting

Paint a plate!!

We have a wide range of bisqueware, that can be painted.(incl.plates,mugs,trinkletboxes and heaps more)

Mosaic Workshops

2 hour workshop make your own pretty mosaic , choose one of our boards/shapes(hearts, crosses, cats or more)

One day mosaic workshops are held mostly on a Saturday between 9 am and 4 pm .At a workshop we will work through all the tools, bases, glues .etc. that you can you use. Which ones works when and where to start your project.

The 1 day workshop is pure mosaics all day, from choosing your project to the final grouting.

Holiday Workshops

We have a holiday program that includes ceramic painting, mosaics and pottery.

Come join the fun!

You can easily book your spot for one of our enjoyable and educational workshops right here on the website1